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Loping Crow White Whiskey

"Out Of The Woods"

The recipe that started it all. Made from American grown corn and barley, this smooth original is our inspiration and foundation. The aged scrap of paper, with the scribbled recipe for a three

gallon batch made on a small still in the woods, has been tucked away for safekeeping. Loping Crow’s White Whiskey is now OUT OF THE WOODS and ready to be enjoyed!

45% Alc./Vol. (90 Proof)

American Grown Corn & Barley
750 ML


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LC Woods.png
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LC Scout.png

Loping Crow Bourbon Whiskey

"Scout 74"

Silas Dennis, the father of our Master Distiller, wore suspenders, smoked a pipe, and drove anything with wheels. But he especially loved his Scout! Classic, vintage, old-school. Words that also describe OUR FOUNDER'S FAVORITE BOURBON. AGED FIVE YEARS.

46% ALC./VOL. (92 PROOF)

Corn, wheat, & Barley

750 ML



56.5% ALC./VOL. (113 PROOF)

750 ML


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LC Homestead.png
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Loping Crow immature Brandy


Grapes from locally-sourced vineyards are used to create this fruity, full-bodied, and mellow spirit. Our copper-pot distilled immature brandy is excellent for sipping or mixing. 

40% Alc./Vol. (80 Proof)

Grapes from

locally sourced vineyards
750 ML


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LC Sister Proof.png
LC Sisters.png

Loping Crow Vodka

"Two Sisters"

Once upon a time, there was a girl who started a distillery - and she didn’t drink bourbon. For this girl, top shelf vodka is a requirement. We distill our vodka five times, giving it a clean, crisp, velvety smooth finish. The other sister? She drinks bourbon like a cowboy!

40% Alc./Vol. (80 Proof)
750 ML


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LC Lemon Proof.png
LC Lemons Art.png
LC Lemonshine.png

Loping Crow White Whiskey


The perfect drink to celebrate nothing and everything! Our Whiskey Lemonade ready-to-drink cocktail is a friends and family favorite. We believe in real ingredients and keep things simple. Small batch, refreshing, and delicious. Best served barefoot. 

9% Alc./Vol. (18 Proof)
750 ML


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