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Some of our favorite memories from the family tree...

Papa Lee.jpg
Papa Lee.jpg

Papa Lee & Beulah Efird

Jason Lee Efird (far left) & his wife, Beulah (second from left), raised their children on this land. Their daughter, Novella, grew up and met a strapping young man named Silas Dennis. The rest is history. “Papa Lee”, as he was lovingly known, would spend his afternoons rocking on the back porch with his great-grandchildren, sharing Hershey bars and Coca-Colas.

Silas P. Dennis, Sr.

Silas Dennis, the father of our Master Distiller, wore suspenders, smoked a pipe, and loved a tractor. Entrepreneur, Businessman, County Commissioner, Farmer, Hunter, Fisherman.

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Novella was a tiny woman who carried the weight of the farm on her shoulders while Silas was milling timber across the Southeast.

The Bench

A prop for baby pictures, a shady spot for Silas and his dogs, a love seat for high school sweethearts, and, now, a setting to view Loping Crow Distillery.

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The Dish Towel

Lucy stood at the kitchen sink drying dishes. Looking up, she glanced out the window and saw a soldier walking up the dirt road, his bag thrown over his shoulder. He was finally home. The dish towel was never found. Lonnie A. Lambert fought on the front lines of WWII as a sniper, earning a Bronze Star for his service. He and Lucille had one daughter, Kay. Lonnie & Lucy loved to dance. She baked homemade biscuits for lunch every day. He sat cross legged on the floor and ate ice cream and loved chocolate covered cherries. She never went anywhere without lipstick and a matching purse and shoes. Lonnie’s many talents included playing the guitar and making brandy.


Lucy loved to dance, at a party or in the kitchen. She met Lonnie, the love of her life, at a dance; he fell in love with her immediately, and they married a few months later. They had forty-six beautiful years together. We believe in love at first sight.

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High School Sweethearts

He walked into The Starlight Grill when she was on a date with someone else and played Conway Twitty’s “It’s Only Make Believe” on the jukebox. Sixty-three years later, he’s still a jokester and she’s still running the show. Tony Dennis, Master Distiller, lives with his wife, Kay, in the farmhouse at Loping Crow Distillery. He was born here in 1941. She is a retired English teacher and may inadvertently correct grammatical errors.

Daddy’s Little Girls

Maria and Michele, the two sisters of Loping Crow Distillery,  grew up running barefoot through these fields. When they weren’t busy playing in the creek, they were searching for turtles or chasing lightning bugs.

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